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Case Study: How Combat Analysis Increased Its Views From 200 to 2 Million On Facebook



Combat Analysis is an online media platform that curates content catering to the combat sports niche. The platform was founded in 2018 and conducts an in-depth analysis of MMA. They used their media platform to collaborate with influential people in the sports industry and sports equipment companies. 




Combat Analysis faced problems with reaching out to its niche. They wanted to use their Facebook page as a platform to build a community of combat sports fans but even after multiple attempts failed to do so.  The account wasn’t getting enough engagement and the follower’s growth had reached a plateau. The company was unable to grow and build its account organically.




Sachin’s team was approached by Combat Analysis since they wanted to revamp their Facebook page’s strategy. Sachin’s team studied their engagement and content closely. They noticed that the fault did not lie with the content but with the way in which it was being marketed. They devised a social media calendar for posting for Combat Analysis so as to keep the consistency intact. 


The next step was to make the audience feel like a close-knit community. They did so by engaging in relevant conversations around the niche through Direct Messages and Comments. They wanted to create a space where a combat sports fan felt heard and could opinionate freely. They also posted quizzes to increase their audience’s engagement.


The team also leveraged the Facebook Groups relevant to their niche. They used these groups to drive traffic to their page. 




The page’s reach grew tremendously after reaching out to Sachin and his team. The page’s post’s views increased from a mere 200 views to 2 million views organically. The media platform was also able to build a successful community of combat sports fans with their follows increasing from 1000 to 45,000.


Clearly, Combat Analysis’s example teaches us the importance of building a community. Once you start posting content that adds value to your audience’s feed and markets it in the right way, engagement is bound to come. A lot of time, valuable content goes unnoticed because of a  poor marketing strategy. Thus, as a marketer, it is integral that one not only spends time creating valuable content but also spends an equal amount of time promoting it.

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