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Case Study: How Growdiesel Built its Instagram Audience Organically



Growdiesel is India’s No.1 renewable oil & gas exploration and production organization dedicated to the cause of environment, energy and empowerment of fuel farmers. Their core business is to produce and sell renewable clean fuels. It has developed cutting edge technologies, equipment and catalysts to do it in minutes.

Growdiesel was looking at ways to expand its audience on Instagram in order to raise awareness about climate change and create a brand image. They wanted to use Instagram as a tool to educate their followers about issues, promote action, and enact change and hence, wanted to reach out to a large audience. 



Growdiesel started with its Instagram account in January 2019 but failed to reach out to the right kind of audience. The account wasn’t getting enough engagement and the follower’s growth had reached a plateau. The company was unable to grow and build its account organically. 



Growdiesel reached out to Sachin’s marketing agency, Foxy Media in February 2020 and wanted them to take over their account. Foxy Media laid down a social media strategy after looking at their case. Some of their solutions include:

  1. Focusing on consistent posting. Foxy made sure relevant content was ready for Growdiesel to be put on certain days of the week. They made a calendar in advance. 
  2. Creating quirky and out of the box content to reach out to the youth. They played around with memes and gifs. A good hashtag always helps when trying to build an advocacy account. For instance, they came up with a meme which had a crazy reach because of its appeal to the youth. 
  3. Using infographics to spread awareness about climate problems and their solutions. This made the audience realize the urgency of the issue and the need to take action now.
  4. Tagging relevant climate change-makers in order to build a like-minded community which supports a particular cause.
  5. Foxy Media also made the account more personal by making use of the Instagram Stories feature. From time to time they posted polls and quizzes. They also posted videos of lesser-known changemakers and advocates on Growdiesel’s feed.
  6. Coming up with captivating hashtags to reach out to people who’re genuinely concerned about the environment. 
  7. Making use of moment marketing to talk about important issues in a subtle way.



While building anything on social media requires a lot of trial and error, constant experimenting and consistency with content can reap great benefits in the longer run. In just one month the account’s followers grew from to and the engagement also increased. The audience was reacting to posts and the growth was a ripple effect.

Sachin’s team at Foxy believes that Instagram is all about doing the right things at the right time. They believe that growing an account is no rocket science and all it requires is patience and perseverance.








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