Sachin Sharma

For most of his childhood years, Sachin felt like a misfit. He always felt different, like he wasn’t where he was supposed to be like he was meant to be somewhere better. He was the kid with unconventional hobbies. For instance, at the mere age of ten, he took up a selling project. He sold off his friend’s marble collection and got a rush out of it. A rush that no other activity of his ever gave him. 
As he entered his teens, he started exploring his interests. He didn’t find school fulfilling enough and took to other endeavors. He was criticized for all of this, by his family and teachers. His decision to complete grade 12 from an open school made them doubt his potential even more, but Sachin was determined to take the road less taken. 
 He decided to not attend college and started a listing startup of his own. After several attempts to sustain his startup eventually failed due to the lack of proper marketing. The failure of his startup made him realize the value of marketing and he decided to master this tool. 
Thus, began the journey of a high school graduate who embarked on the path of learning marketing by himself. He studied several books in-depth and eventually went on to complete a course in Digital Marketing. He decided to practically apply those concepts and hence undertook a project which went on to become a full-time job. In those two years, he applied every concept he had learnt and sky-rocketed the company’s sales.
In retrospect, the failure of his first startup made him a better marketer, so he started up again and co-founded a marketing agency by the name of Foxy Media . He even has a podcast of his own called ‘The Sachin Sharma Show’. He considers his podcast to be a way in which he can add value to budding and existing entrepreneurs. 
Apart from being an entrepreneur, Sachin is a certified mountaineer and former Pro Mixed Martial Arts fighter. But he believes his true power will always be marketing and he wants to share his gift with the world in every way he can.
Mohit Sharma
Founder - Combat Analysis

He Made my Facebook page from 770 likes to 40k likes in 3 months with the reach of 3 Millions Organically

Anand Kumar
COO - You Change Foundation

I needed an affordable external marketing resource who understood what I wanted and wouldn’t laugh at my silly questions. Sachin was and continues to be that and has helped me shape our online presence, rebrand and generally take a more professional approach to marketing, the results are excellent.

Ritik Solanki
New Solanki Foundation

Sachin has been fantastic to work with, always positive and passionate about marketing  with new and fresh ideas delivered in a disciplined constructive way. 

Business Is A Numbers Game

However Beautiful The Strategy, You Should Occasionally Measure The Results.

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