Learning In Public

Learning In Public

What is learning in public?

Learning in public basically refers to creating content in any form accessible to other people. Sharing what you're learning with the community, might be completely public and be accessible to people on your profile, or the content is made for specific communities and making it available to them.

The fundamental message is to share your knowledge with others, regardless of who they are, rather than keeping it to yourself. The learnings can be in any form like repositories, blogs, talks, live streams, etc. You make your ideas accessible to others. Keeping a record of your journey so that others can read about it and be inspired. If you go to an event, you can post threads, blogs, or even videos about the talk that interest you. The folks who were unable to attend the event will find this to be of enormous value. Additionally, the community will express its gratitude for you, which will aid in the development of your own brand.

Benefits of Learning in Public:-

A knowledge chain develops as more people participate if you start presenting your learnings in public, someone else picks it up and contributes to that information, and this process continues. As it is shared around the community, that specific knowledge becomes quite thorough and deep.

If you're learning in public and you start working on a project and share about it the community will provide you with some amazing feedback and that'll only help you to grow and after seeing your work others might also get motivated. Sharing your ideas in public is very crucial and people do not need to be scared that someone else might steal them because your value-added should always be something that only you can add. Anybody can come up with the same idea but you are the only one who can implement it the way you can. People will see all the amazing work you're doing and that might even open gates of different opportunities for you. This will also add to your credibility over time.

Ways to learn in public:-

There may be some tactics that may be used when learning in public, such as choosing the kind of content you are most comfortable with by trying out various techniques. For instance, it makes no difference where you start if you intend to create a blog post just take the first step. What matters most is making your work publicly accessible, whether it be a presentation, a lesson, or a sample repository that makes use of a particular tool.

How social media helps:-

Social media is also incredibly beneficial, and you can utilize it to your advantage to market yourself and create your own unique brand. You can also socialize with people in the community and have meaningful interactions which can lead to opportunities and greater learning. You don't need a large following because the right people will somehow find your content in some or the other way. If you remain consistent, you will ultimately see an increase in followers, and many more people will value the work you are doing.

Don't get stuck in the dilemma that if you create something on a certain topic and there are already a vast number of resources available, just know that you're not only creating the content for others, you're also creating the content for yourself. Documenting your own learning will greatly benefit you and your knowledge will also enhance.

Sharing your learnings on social media will also help to build connections with people in the industry and this may someday lead to opportunities. Being active on social media will also result in making you aware of the latest happenings in the community. It may also help you think from a different perspective on certain things.

How working at a start-up helps?

Sharing your learnings on different social media platforms will also help you to build connections with people in the industry which may someday lead to opportunities that may help your career. Being active on social media will also result in making you aware of the latest happenings in the community. It may also help you think from a different perspective on certain things. 3 years in a startup is equivalent to 6–9 years at a large company.

A great thing about the startup world is that you can choose what type of startup you want to work with, the type of time zones you are comfortable with, the number of people you want to work with, etc. Startups will help you to gain experience and also help in growing your skills. So just look for startups where you can be unique and can access unique opportunities.

This blog was inspired by Kunal Kushwaha and Anais Urlichs's video.

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